Fall Concert Series – New This Year

2017 Fall Concert Series
sponsored by Claremont Savings Banks

Concert Coordinator:  John MacDonald

Show Times at 2pm, Doors Open at 1.30pm
$10 entry fee for each performance
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Carling & Will
October 7, 2017

Carling & Will are a traditional folk duo based out of Southern Vermont with Carling Berkhout and William Seeders Mosheim. Both are multi-instrumentalists combining unique melodic instrumentation with an old-time sound.

Carl Brogan
October 14, 2017

Playing Country & Classic Rock

Kenneth Rokicki
October 21, 2017

Kenneth Rokicki and the Kenneth Rokicki Group can provide you with elegant, professional quality live Jazz and Cabaret style music for all occasions.

Strangled Darlings
October 28, 2017

Jess is a trained classical violinist but picked up cello and discovered that she was actually a bass player. George found his degree in English Lit pays better as an indie musician and so learned the mandolin. They have written and toured as a full band but once they decided to tour the US full time and in a 20 foot RV, there was only enough extra room for the little dog.

The music is built on deep sense of rhythm and groove, carried by George on mandolin and Jess on custom tenor bass & foot drums. His mandolin bursts out in a slalom of notes and snare drum rhythms. Her solid body custom tenor bass weaves an intricate counter melody and her feet pound a percussive groove. The voices and the lyrics are the hidden third member of the band and the story behind the music. The songs work with nontraditional subjects for inspiration. Some song subjects include: the works of great authors (Faulkner, William Blake, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Donald Bartheleme, Anna Ahkmatova) as well as witchcraft in the Civil War, the morality of Somali piracy and the media impact of Neil Armstrong.

Strangled Darlings have released 3 full length albums and one EP, receiving critical praise from local and national press alike. In between touring, they live in South Londonderry, Vermont.