Our Members

It is through the financial support and the hard work and effort of members that the Springfield Community Players have created and sustained an interest in the arts and fostered the development and love of community theater in Springfield.


Richard Andrews
Keith and Liz Carey

Will & Laurie Danforth
Melanie Davis
Nancy & Steven Davis
David & Laura Driver
Molly Ferris (Lifetime Member)
Don Gray
John & Cindy Hughes
Todd Hutchinson

Clyde Jenne & Bruce Locke
John MacDonald

Steve Osterlund
Gillian Pond
Elaine Rogers
Stephanie Rowe
Rosie Harlow Segal
Ernest & Susan Vose
Steve and Sharon Wood
Lorraine Zigman


MaryAnn Allcroft
Lawrence Baldwin
Barbara Ball
Tom & Nancy Charkiewicz
Bernice Clark
Nancy Davis
Rebecca Dodge
Ray Durkee
Ira Emerson, Jr.
Kay Faust
Tom Field
Tom Hurd
Claire MacDonald
Becky Millard
Irene & Fred Ramen
Stewart & Jacqueline Schmidt
Pam Shaughnessy
Rosie Harlow Segal
Wendy York

Kay Burge
Tom Burge
Samantha Holberg
Janice Izzo
Lawrence Johnson
Anne Kendall
Marilyn Miller
Sara Norcross
Will Reed
Debbie Robling
Scott Rogers
Rebecca Skrypeck
Scott Stearns and Patty Greenwood
Rachel Whitaker