The Seymour Sisters by Carole Vasta Folley

SeymourSistersThe Springfield Community Players hosted a performance of The Seymour Sisters by Carole Vasta Folley on Saturday August 13 at the Players Studio.

“The genesis for The Seymour Sisters,” says Vasta Folley, “came from a desire to create a two-woman play with roles for women in their 50s or older. Not only is this an underserved demographic (both for actresses and audiences), there are endless important and relevant stories to be told.” Folley has spent the grant period exploring the characters and storyline, writing and experiementing with new material, playing with the editing process, and workshopping scenes.

The play, inspired in part by Vasta Folley’s own experiences and family covers some tough life topics in a touching, funny, and engaging way.The play is about two sisters in their 50s, Cecile and Elenor, who through life’s challenges have ended up estranged. The Seymour Sisters questions what it means to be family at an older age. It asks: do we owe an allegiance, or maybe even something more, to our siblings; if so, how do we negotiate around the past to create a future relationship that works; and if not, what remnants are left behind?